Tighes Hill Public School

Dedication, Innovation, Opportunity, Success

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About our school

Tighes Hill Public School is situated in inner city Newcastle. It is an established area going through regrowth. The school is part of the Priority Schools Program. It has a district opportunity class (OC). There are English as Second Language and Reading Recovery Programs. The school's mission statement Developing the Flexible Thinking Caring Learner for a Changing Technological World reflects the school and community vision. We believe that every child has the capacity for lifelong, enjoyable learning. Every child should feel safe, secure and have a sense of belonging. 

Tighes Hill Public School believes that each student has the right to learn in an environment that encourages fulfilment of personal potential. When an environment is based on mutual trust, ownership, it promotes shared responsibility and good self discipline, creating the climate for effective learning.

Our Core Values: Quality, Respect and Responsibility

These rules ensure that all members of Tighes Hill PS have a safe and happy learning environment.


Aiming for the highest of standards, striving for Personal Best.

  • Completes all class work on time and to the best of your ability.
  • Always aim for personal best.
  • Represent your school with pride.
  • Be organised and punctual at all times.
  • Help keep your school tidy. 


Appreciation of effort and application, concern for others, friendly and courteous behaviour, and a positive self image.

  • Be patient, courteous and considerate at all times.
  • Allow others to work without interference.
  • Respect and take care of school equipment.
  • Listen attentively when being spoken to.
  • Value differences in others by not abusing, bullying, hurting, teasing or threatening anyone.
  • Use appropriate and polite language at all times.
  • Always wear the correct school uniform.


Promotion of self-discipline, independent and life long learning, and team skills.

  • Play safely and avoid all dangerous games.
  • Practise safe and sensible road rules.
  • Look after your own belongings.
  • Play in in-bound areas.
  • Keep out of the main buildings unless accompanied by a pass or a teacher.

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